Discovering the Gardens of Versailles

The Gardens of Versailles, fit for royalty and loved by many, is a space that exudes heritage, affluence, and the art of perspective. Constructed over the course of 40 years, André Le Nôtre, with the guidance of collaborators and King Louis XIV himself, successfully completed the monumental undertaking. A striking site during any season, especially when the weather warms, the Flower Parterre’s springtime blooms are particularly elegant, boasting French floral elegance at its finest.

Parfums de Marly’s creator, Julien Sprecher, always endlessly inspired by the grandeur of the 18th century, brought his love for the lifestyle and period to fruition. Roses, fragrant florals, fruits, and exotic essences are the epitome of an 18th-century olfactory experience and a true treat for spring.

The Gift of Parfums de Marly for Mom

Just as unique as the Gardens of Versailles themselves, Parfums de Marly delivers a beautiful line of niche fragrances for every palette. The special edition Mother’s Day Delina Collection may just be the perfect floral bouquet gift for mom. The Delina Collection, curated especially for mom, features either Delina or Delina Exclusif with a Delina hair perfume and the Delina scented candle wrapped in a luxury gift box and blush notecard, perfect for mom and available for a limited time.

To explore more florals from the garden, a range of olfactive families could also surely delight mom. Here are some of our floral favorites!

Floral Olfactive Family

Spanning from a single note of floral to a whole range, the floral olfactory experience is a pillar of femininity. Parfums de Marly experiments with some of the most traditional natural floral extracts while also incorporating exotic species as well.

Cassili is the whole package, layering fresh and sweet notes that leave you feeling refined and modern. Indulge in irresistible top notes of Red Currant, Bulgarian Rose, and Transparent White Flowers, heart notes of Plum Accord, Mimosa Absolute, Plumeria, and Petalia, with base notes of warming Sandalwood, Tonka Beans, and Vanilla Pod.

Sedbury offers a taste of exoticism with a delicious blend of florals from far away lands. Relish in top notes of Italian Mandarin and Lavender, heart notes of Jasmine, Iris, and Tuberose, and deepened by base notes of Amber and Patchouli.

Meliora is the Gardens of Versailles in a bottle. A solution of soft florals and crisp greens give way to a fruity cocktail and long-lasting richness. Explore top notes of Red Berries and Raspberry, heart notes of Rose and Ylang-Ylang, and base notes of Vanilla and Musk.

If you can’t take mom to the Gardens of Versailles this Mother’s Day, why not bring the gardens to her? Make Parfums de Marly one of her most memorable gifts yet. Discover all of our olfactory experiences on our website and have it delivered directly to you!

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