Parfums de Marly’s Boutique Reopening In NYC

NYC’s Meatpacking District Elated with Parfums de Marly’s Boutique Reopening

At last, Parfums de Marly reopens its doors in NYC’s distinguished Meatpacking District. In 2016, NYC first welcomed the prestigious French haute perfume brand, offering 18th century-inspired fragrances. Cleverly crafted to encapsulate the time and designed to delight, NYC’s flagship store joined Paris and Dubai, offering the exclusive Parfums de Marly Boutique experience.

In the city that never sleeps, the Parfums de Marly Boutique has been reimagined for a more enhanced experience. An intermingling of French heritage excellence and a contemporary, modern feel that will give you just the right amount of balanced luxury. Walking the cobblestone streets have never been more enticing, as you can escape the hustle and bustle of New York City just by walking through Parfums de Marly’s doors.

A taste of Paris in New York

Versailles-style parquet and mouldings, together with a marble fireplace and chandeliers collaborate perfectly with Louis XV-inspired furnishings. A classic display allows Parfums de Marly’s elegantly crafted bottles to do all the talking. Tasteful adornments of floral arrangements and crystal are interspersed with just the right amount of subtlety. Ultimately, it’s a masterful blend and effortless illustration of both heritage and modernity.

Come visit Parfums de Marly’s boutique for a taste of Paris in NYC’s Meatpacking district, at 805 Washington St. Become acquainted with our iconic scents, including Delina for women, and Layton and Percival for men. There’s a veritable assortment of scent extravagances for you to discover.

What’s to Come

This has been an exciting year for Parfums de Marly, and a boutique reopening is just the beginning. Stay-tuned for a new fragrance launch in the fall of 2019, which includes a new unisex fragrance and our discovery collection just in time for the holidays.

Parfums de Marly has much to celebrate with their US-based expansion. Escape back in time and enjoy the full universe of Parfums de Marly and all its unique fragrances. Parfums de Marly is where your scent extravagances come to life. Discover us today.

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