The Master Perfumer Files: Olivier Cresp

A niche perfume brand, actively drawing its inspiration from the 18th century and French finery has, at last, re-opened its boutique doors on the bustling streets of New York City. Exercising the elaborate essences of Louis XV’s court, Parfums de Marly has mastered sophistication and the art of perfume craftsmanship. 

In celebration of the development and growth within the U.S. Market, Parfums de Marly led a one on one appointment with the master perfumer, Olivier Cresp and Yvan Jacqueline, Parfums de Marly’s Managing Director. The gentlemen were joined by top editors in the beauty industry at Parfums de Marly’s New York Flagship Store.

A Walk Through 

It was a first walkthrough for many, as Jacqueline outlined Parfums de Marly’s rich history and inspiration, going on to highlight the niche favorites from both the women’s and unisex fragrance collections. With an unbridled affection for florals, fruits, and potpourris – Parfums de Marly detailed the processes behind the creation of their current hero products and supplied an exclusive sneak peek of their upcoming launches. Khalea Underwood at The Zoe Report exclaims she, “loved learning all about the brand”.

Introducing Sedley

Master perfumer, Olivier Cresp went on to divulge Parfums de Marly’s newest unisex sensation, Sedley, created together with Master Perfumer, Hamid Merati-Kashani. Outlining the intricate process of development, Cresp emphasized Sedley’s aqueous top notes of Bergamot and Spearmint, with heart notes of Geranium, Lavender, and Solar notes, followed by base notes of Sandalwood, White musk, and volcano distilled incense – unraveling a new olfactive experience. Sedley, a Nordstrom-exclusive, is now available for purchase in the United States.

An Exchange

Editors were encouraged and given the opportunity to interview Cresp and Jacqueline, sparking some interesting conversation following the brand immersion. Attendees enjoyed a gift bag at departure, which included Parfums de Marly’s hero fragrance, Delina and Sedley, now officially launched. Paige Stables from Good Housekeeping stated, “I enjoyed meeting with Yvan and Olivier”, thanking us for the additional information for the upcoming launches, she looks forward to what’s to come for Parfums de Marly.

Parfums de Marly has much to celebrate with their US-based expansion. Escape back in time and enjoy the essential aromas of the 18th century. Parfums de Marly is where your scent extravagances come to life. Discover us today.

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