Elegance at a gallop
Its name resonates: Kalan, Its attire gleams an ardent red. Its luxury is captivating.
The perfume of this 21st century aesthete fluctuates between shadow and light. It does not conform to current trends either. It resides on the margins of the olfactory families, taking the best from each. A little fern, virile and highly sophisticated.
KALAN experience
Reveal your
KALAN spirit
Noble, powerful, charismatic…
… like the thoroughbred it is named after, one of the most famous of Louis XV’s stables known for its vigour, speed and agility.
… like the scarlet bottle that showcases it – needless to say that red is the colour of passion and luxury.
… like its scent, initially proud, but gradually allowing itself to be conquered.
Olfactory Discovery
Top notes
An extremely fresh start with blood orange, black pepper and spices to give it a kick.
Heart notes
The accord between lavender and orange blossom absolute is released, evoking the majesty of French formal gardens.
Base notes
White sandalwood draped in moss, wood notes, amber and roasted tonka bean merge on the skin and fire the imagination.
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