I wanted to build a Haute-Perfumery Maison where
tradition matches the present.
Julien Sprecher

The Splendor of the Invisible

Founder and Creative Director Julien Sprecher’s love of perfumery and history is innate. With Parfums de Marly, he expresses his passion for the olfactory creation and the splendour of the 18th century, through a temporal duality that embodies the spirit of the brand: "A juxtaposition of the present and past as coexisting and unexpected sources of inspiration." A lavish extravagance filtered through a contemporary vision. For Julien Sprecher, classic is always audacious. 

French 18th Century Statue and Ornament
I made Versailles for my court, Trianon for
my family, and Marly for my friends.
Louis XIV

While the majority of Louis the XV’s reign was spent at the Château de Versailles, Marly was where he went to have fun. The Château de Marly was a pleasure palace, where his entourage was strictly limited, making room for merriment and extravagant celebrations. The court of the King was so obsessed with fragrance, it was dubbed the “perfumed court”: pouches, fans, gloves and even the fountains were doused with perfume.

A bird-eye view of the Marly Castle and picture depicting Marly history
Pictorial representation of the horse used in Parfums de Marly brand identity.

The King commissioned the Chevaux de Marly in 1743, and these exquisite statues still stand guard at the entrance to the palace grounds. Equine majestic figures played a big role during the time of the French royalty. This passion for horses and the flamboyance of the 18th century inspires Julien Sprechers’ perfumer’s soul.


Fragrances like no other. An authentic perfumery that honours French perfuming savoir-faire without being tied to the old ways. Audacious compositions that dare to defy the norms. The art de vivre of the Château de Marly is captured in every refined scent. Precious ingredients. Every bottle, a plunge into the splendour of the invisible.

Bottle of Sedley perfume with elements of Parfums de Marly brand identity.