Parfums de Marly has unveiled the launch of its most recent masculine fragrance KALAN with a new décor for its boutique window.

Playing on the powerful colour red – the colour of passion and luxury. The contemporary window design embodies the play between shadow and light just like the fragrance itself.

Highlighting the iconic masculine bottle shape in a red neon light in front of the Parfums de Marly horse while incorporating contemporary shapes of red plexi is the balance between tradition and modernity.



The customer can fully emerge himself into the #Kalanspirit by scanning the QR code in our boutique and taking part in our official visual campaign, resembling the noble, powerful and charismatic character of this novelty.


The olfactory notes of Kalan do not conform to current trends but presenting a strong and contemporary fragrance with its unique Parfums de Marly signature.

A true homecoming for Parfums de Marly.

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