Body Line

Explore new fragrance gestures and accentuate the olfactory signature of your perfume with the body line.
Delina Eau de Parfum 75ml and Delina Body OilDelina Body Oil Bottle 100ml
Delina Body Cream by Parfums de Marly, moisturizes and hydrates the skin with a scent of rose.Delina Body Cream Bottle 200ml
Delina Hair Mist by Parfums de Marly, a heavenly floral scent for your hair.Delina Hair Mist 75ml
Delina Shower Gel by Parfums de Marly,  captures a charmingly modern floral bouquet.Delina Shower Gel 200ml
Layton Shower Gel, by Parfums de MarlyLayton Shower Gel Tube 200ml
Percival Shower Gel, a subtle balance of citrus and aromatic notes on a woody base.Percival Shower Gel Tube 200ml
Delina Candle and BoxDelina Candle
Delina Hand Cream from Parfums de Marly, a soft creamy formula for your skin.Delina Hand Cream 30ml

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